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The Roastery – An Engineer Friendly Café at Jinguumae in Shibuya

Whenever it seems that a program you’re working on is still going to take a while to finish, you might want to go someplace to refresh your mood, and some of you may be tired of Starbucks.

So, today we’d like to introduce you to an engineer-friendly café called “The Roastery”.

Located in Shibuya, The Roastery is about a 500-m walk from the Meiji-Jinguumae Station on the Chiyoda metro line, and about the same distance from Harajuku Station on the JR line.

This café has a great atmosphere.

Are you worried that the prices might be too high at such a nice place?

Don’t worry.

An espresso is 480 yen, and an Americano is 530 yen. Those are reasonable prices for such a comfortable place with such a great atmosphere.

And then, how about a pastry if you’re hungry?

One popular menu item at this café is New York Rings (300 yen)

These fried donuts are made from a croissant base that has been allowed to rest for a few days. Some people say they are the most delicious in Tokyo.

The Roastery does not offer light food such as pizza or sandwiches (unfortunately!), but does offer soft ice cream in special flavors.

Milk is added to espresso at the café and then the two are combined to make latte flavored soft ice cream.

They take a lot of care in the balancing the flavors and in the texture.

Soft ice cream comes in three flavors: Milk Soft, Espresso Soft, and Café Latte Soft (all 450 yen).

With many IT engineers as customers, the café holds weekly events aimed at IT engineers.

One such event is called “Coffee and Tea Surfing Tokyo”. The event is held as follows.

「Let's enjoy a great cup of coffee/beer/cocktail/ ice cream and make new friends in a relaxed and casual way.

You will talk to 2 or 3 new friends each time and the event hosts will change seats when we sense (空気を読んで席替えします!)you are ready to change tables.

At the end of the event, you will meet 50%-80% of the people.

Why not come for a visit if you’re new to Tokyo and looking for friends.

If you’re tired of sitting in front of the computer and coding, be sure to give it a try.

Source & Photo: The Roastery 、

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