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Which IT businesses continuously steady profit? Ranking of companies with many continuous years of p

Toyo Keizai Online published an article titled: “最新!「連続増益トップ260社」ランキング” (“Just in! Top 260 Continuously Profitable Companies”)  (Aug 17th, 2016)

Companies have different kinds of profit, such as gross profit, operating profit, and ordinary profit. This ranking looks at operating profit, which indicates profit in the core business. Since operating profit does not include profit from the sale of stock, for example, it allows you to know which companies are profiting from their main business. Here, we focus on the IT companies that made the ranking.

First, let’s take a look at companies in the top 50 whose primary business is IT-related by looking at companies in the ranking whose business type was listed as “information/communication”.

Companies with many continuous years of profitability (Companies who primary business is in the IT industry listed among information/communication. Because only companies listed on the stock exchange were ranked, this list excludes unlisted companies.)


Number of years of continuous profitability (overall rank) Company name


20years (4th) オービック OBIC

14years (7th) GMOペイメントゲートウェイ GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

10years (23rd) ミロク情報サービス MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE CO., LTD.

9years  (24th) ヒト・コミュニケーションズ HITO-Commuinications Inc.

8years  (28th) GMOインターネット GMO Internet, Inc.

7years  (41th) ワイヤレスゲート WirelessGate Inc.

7years (41th) サイバーリンクス CYBERLINKS CO.,LTD

7years (41th) ユニリタ UNIRITA Inc.

7years  (41th) ソースネクストSourcenext Corporation

7years  (41th) じげん ZIGExN Co., Ltd.

7years  (41th) ULSグループ ULS Group, Inc.

7years  (41th) フュージョンパートナー Fusion Partners, Co.

The top-ranked IT company, and fourth overall in the list, OBIC is an independent SI(*system integration company) that develops and markets domestically produced ERP(*enterprise resource planning systems). With 20 consecutive years of profitability, this company stands out among IT-related companies.

Many companies involved in Internet services and out-sourcing can be found in the rankings, but there are also several companies with well-established track records in the SI business that are maintaining steady profitability.

There are also several companies in the rankings with strong ties to the IT industry that are involved in Internet service-related businesses and whose business type was listed as “Service Industry”.


Number of years of continuous profitability (overall rank) Company name


12years (16th)エス・エム・エス SMS CO., LTD.

10years (18th)カカクコム, Inc.

8years (28th)ファンコミュニケーションズ F@N Communications, Inc.

7years (41th)バリューコマース ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

Listing 260 companies, the rankings stop at companies with five years of continuous profitability. Of these, 49 companies, approximately 19%, are involved in information/communication. The fact that there are also IT-related businesses included in the service industry, as discussed above, gives you an idea about how many IT-related businesses are included in the rankings.

Looking at the data for the number of years of continuous profitability really gives one a feel for the companies with strong management, doesn’t it?

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