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Websites that Japanese engineers often visit

It is important to keep up with the latest topics and news in the Japanese IT industry, in order to get ahead of other foreign engineers that you compete against. So, in this article, we’ll discuss websites that Japanese engineers often visit.

(1)TechCrunch Japan (

TechCrunch is a website that offers information about topics such as the latest web services and capital funding of IT start-ups. The Japanese version of TechCrunch is TechCrunch Japan. In addition to translations of TechCrunch articles, the Japanese version of the website has many articles of its own, making it an important site for learning about trends in the Japanese IT industry.


This website offers all kinds of news about IT startups in Japan. With strong ties to Japanese start-ups, we highly recommend the site, particularly to those who want to know more about the start-up industry in Japan. It has English page

(3)Qiita (

This website is for storing and sharing knowledge about programming. The Japanese version is called “StackOverFlow”. This site allows you to store information for yourself and follow other posters like on Twitter, making for very lively interactions between users. Many Japanese engineers use Qiita when they are stumped by a programming problem.

(4)POSTD (

This website is for Japanese engineers. It features Japanese translations of interesting foreign articles such as Hacker News from Ycombinator. The site is highly valued by Japanese engineers because it offers many articles that cannot be found in other media in Japan.

(5)IT media (

This website provides lots of news and tips about the Internet and web-marketing. Living up to their claim that they are a “comprehensive IT information portal”, the site is loaded with lots of information, and is extremely useful for networking.

(6)Hatena Bookmark (

This is a social bookmarking service operated by Hatena Corp. The site allows Internet users, which include many Japanese engineers, to automatically collect bookmarked articles. Checking this website allows users to quickly understand current topics of discussion and what Japanese Internet users currently find interesting.

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