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Receive the latest information through Japanese news curation apps

Nowadays, news curation apps become extremely popular with its functions to synthesize the day's news, sort through content and provide you with the most interesting pieces or "must read" topics. I believe that many people are using these apps to stay informed on a number of topics or useful information related to business or daily life. The following are some of the most popular news curation apps in Japan.

A pioneer in Japanese news app. A wide range of topics are available. Users are mainly between 20 and 30 years of age.

SmartNews is the second most-used news app in Japan, right behind Gunosy. A wide range of topics are available. Even your position is outside your coverage area, you can also read the latest information. This function is very user-friendly to gain popularity. Users are mainly between 40 and 50 years of age.

NewsPicks offers the latest information on economic and financial quotes. Its uniqueness is that you can read expert opinions of various industries. There is a subscription mode (1,400 yen per month). While the costs are slightly high, but you can get well-known IT experts and other professional advices timely. NewsPicks is a high quality of information-gathering tools that is highly recommended.

Techfeed offers the latest information on scientific research and technology. You can set your interested areas in a number of IT categories, Techfeed will automatically sort through content and show it to you. It provides twice a day delivery of e-mail service. It is very popular among IT engineers.

By using the Japanese news curation apps, you can receive the latest information of Japan timely, and practice of reading articles that you are interested, as we say, “hit two birds with one stone.”

In addition, there is a relatively old method is to use "GOOGLE ALERT" information collection method.

Just register your keywords of interest, the system will automatically inform you by email when related information or news came out. For example, you can register keywords like "IT company job hunting" or "IT recruitment" for jobs. If you are interested in listing or M&A, you can register keywords such as "IT listing" or "IT financing". E-mail reception setting is available, it's worth a try!

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