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Most popular platforms for Japanese users, providing online services to organize and promote activit

Recently there have been a growing number of social networking platforms available to help you create your own groups and organize various social activities such as learning sessions for IT engineers, tasting sessions and yoga classes. Overseas, “Meetup” and “Doorkeeper” are well-known for organizing and participating all sorts of activities. This time I will introduce some of the most popular platforms for Japanese users, providing online services to organize and promote activities.


The international marketing manager of Meetup, Odile Beniflah, came to Japan in March 2015 to meet with a number of event managers. Meetup has been actively opening up the Japanese market to increase its visibility.


PeaTiX is Japan's largest platform providing online services to organize and promote various activities. It’s mobile app service has more than 1.2 million users, and famous activities such as TEDx are also available. PeaTiX was founded in Japan, and its management is Japanese, but now headquartered in New York.


ATND is operated by the Recruit Group. A wide range of activities are set up particularly for IT engineers, such as a variety of programming language seminars and many hardware and Internet of things related activities.


Everevo provides many useful functions like promotion of activities, application, settlement, contacting participants, reception and other related services to its users. Since there is no fee to use Everevo to organize activities, it has been used in many events regardless of various industries.


Anyone can easily create events, manage prepaid payments, application, attendance and participants’ database vis EventRegist.

Each of the online services described above is not only useful in creating events, but also can be used as an information gathering tool to receive information of interest. The functional aspects of each platform are not much difference. It is recommended that you refer to what users are using the services in order to choose activities or communities who share your interests.

There are also many Meetup communities for foreigners who are studying advanced or business Japanese. If you are interested, please click on the web-link below for more details.


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