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What can enhance both Japanese language skills and business skills?

Do you have the opportunity to read Japanese business books?

Reading books written in Japanese will help you improve your Japanese reading comprehension.

If it is a business book, it is useful also for business skills UP, so it is two birds with one stone.


· It is difficult to read Japanese books because it takes long time…

· It is hard to choose a useful book for me…

For these reasons you may not be able to read?

Therefore, this time I will introduce services that will solve these troubles.

That is "book summary service".

You may know getAbstract etc.

There are several similar services in Japan so I chose the following two from the point of view,

"Business books are handled a lot"

"Abstract quality is high"

"Site UI is good"

(1) Flier :

Features:· From topical books and masterpieces, celebrities such as managers and university professors, experts, etc. have chosen "books that business people should read now".· Management consultants and experts in each field prepare a summary.· It corresponds to PC · smartphone · tablet.· It is summarized so that it can be read in about 10 minutes.(* For non-Japanese, it may take longer)· Because you can choose from categories, it is easy to find a book that suits you. There are categories such as "Skill-up career" "Self-development / mind" "Productivity / time management" "Leadership management" "Management strategy" "Entrepreneurial innovation" "Personnel" "Marketing" "Finance" "Technology · IT" "Science" "trend". Plan:· Free plan (free)Viewable number: 20 (2 changes per month)Number of additional contents: none· Silver Plan (500 yen / month)Viewable number: Free plan + up to 5 from charged contents every month.Number of additional contents: About 30 books every month· Gold plan (2,000 yen / month)Viewable number:: UnlimitedNumber of additional contents: About 30 books every month



· A professional staff with abundant business experience is preparing a summary at about 3,500 characters.

· You can read over 400 good books on the website anytime.

· 2 or 3 books are newly added each week.

· You can read it by email, too.

· Distributing essential readers of business people such as new topics and long sellers.


· Subscription (6 month contract) (1,500 yen / month)

· Subscription (1 year contract) (1,350 yen / month)

· Subscription (2 year contract) (1,275 yen / month)

* All amounts stated are without tax.

* The amounts of BOOK-SMART is the amount when converted in the monthly amount. Actually, users need to pay the amount according to the contract period.

Both sites introduced a new book "Job Theory" by Clayton M. Christensen (original title: Competing Against Luck), so I will link each of them for you. I think both are compactly summarized.

It will be a good story in a conversation with a Japanese business person, so please try it.

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