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Websites that Japanese engineers often visit (Sequel)

In the article on Sept. 15, we introduced six hot sites that Japanese engineers frequently visited. This article is the sequel. We will introduce another seven popular sites, that not only collect technical information, but also provide a lot of interesting chat topics.

@IT helps IT engineers gather information and solve problems, providing up-to-date technical trends and specialized information for problems solving. There are also many serials on programming.


This is Japan's largest gadget and technology site. It provides a rich and diversified information from product technology to chat topics. Especially the latest information of many digital devices including Apple products are the must-read topics!


This is the information site for ASCII Media Works. In addition to providing the latest information on digital devices, many Otaku Akihabara maniac articles are also available. Its strength is that providing both technical information and interesting topics.

(10)NLAB (Japanese:ねとらぼ)

NLAB is operated by ITmedia Inc., that is the same as the @IT described above. It provides all the latest, breaking news and videos on the web, as well as popular chat topics.

The following sites are ideal for those who want to learn more IT vocabulary.


(12)IT Glossary of IT Trends

The two sites have popular search rankings, you can see what are the most frequently used IT vocabularies now, and also helps you to confirm the correct pronunciation of words. It is very useful for learning.

(13)Learn Japanese online by TOKYO IT PARK

A IT glossary in both Japanese and English can be downloaded from this page.

How were the sites introduced above?

In this article, we have introduced a number of sites, that can be used to collect technical information, and provide many hot and funny tops for you to chat with colleagues. Be sure to check out the sites for the latest information!

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